Lifty Loo™ is a thoughtfully designed, antimicrobial toilet seat handle.



people to lift and lower the toilet seat by providing a convenient handle, resulting in less mess and less stress


Antimicrobial silver reduces bacteria on handle, so it’s cleaner than the toilet seat


Fits every toilet seat with a flat bottom and stays attached with a durable adhesive


The best bathroom accessory you never knew you needed.

A convenient and hygienic way to lift and lower the toilet seat.

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Peel the adhesive label off Lifty Loo™.



Stick Lifty Loo™ to the underside of the toilet seat on whichever side
is most comfortable for you to lift from. The adhesive is durable and long lasting , without the risk of leaving residue or damaging the toilet seat when you replace.

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Lifty Loo™ will encourage users to lift before use, and lower after, resulting in less mess and less stress! And be comforted by the fact that Lifty Loo™ is antimicrobial, so it’ll be cleaner that your toilet seat.

 With the Lifty Loo™ applied to your toilet seat, users will be encouraged to lift the seat up, resulting in less mess ( less pee on the seat.)

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Lift with purpose

1 in 10 people on our planet lack access to clean water, and a messy seat is the least of their worries. So Lifty Loo™ will be donating 5% of it’s sales to Charity:Water to help those who need it most.

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